Is there any way i can fix my chi straightener for free, after it dies?it just died and its been about a year?

i got the turbo chi for christmas last christmas (2007) and it died. thank god i had my other chi that i had not been using lately. so i used that straightener for a few days and then THAT one died tooo. i was very dissapointed because i had not been dropping either one of them or done anything wrong with them lately. my mom was just like well good, now you wont fry your hair off. but i just got it cut and its very short and curly and now i need it the most. please if you have any answers for me, id really really appreciate it.

If you have a warrantied and registered Chi, then you should be able to contact Chi directly for a repair.

Here’s the link of chi flat iron official website:

And just for future reference, although Chis are nice, you might want to look into a more reliable brand like Sedu or Solia. They are much higher quality and less likely to break, even after years of use.

As a stylist, I have used a lot of flat irons/hair straighteners, including Sedu, Hai, Infrashine, Chi, Paul Mitchell, Solia, Big Sexy, Andis, Babyliss Ghd, T3, Kenta etc. You should get a Professional hair straightener, they style much better and faster, and most importantly, they protect your hair.

In terms of performance:

The best ones are: Sedu, Kenta, Solia, Infrashine, Ghd. These are top of the line professional brands

Above average: Chi, Hai, Paul Mitchell,

Average: T3, Big Sexy, Andis, Babyliss

Below Average: Conair, Vidal Sassoon, Revlon, Bed Head etc. These are cheap consumer brands that you will find in drugstore. If you care about your hair, do NOT buy them.

Helpful Flat Iron Instruction Video:

How to Curl Hair With Straightener